About us

Young flexible company

We are young flexible company, established in 2008. We are steadily and intensively focused on agency employment since September 2009; we hire every day and look after almost 1800 agency employees. Here are some numbers proving our dynamics: we have hired more than 5000 agency employees during more than 6 years. We work in light and heavy industry, transport and services. We are one of the TOP 7 job agencies in the Czech Republic.

We can flexibly react to our client´s requirements at the time of seasonal fluctuations or production boom. Apart of the regional office we can also open local branch as an “in house” in the production premises without any troubles. We are able to find the employment to all the applicants even those with a basic education although there is a large group of them and their possibility of finding a permanent employment is in the large measure limited by their education level.