ASCARI – About us

Who are we and what do we do best?

A satisfied employee is our priority and reflection of our personal and human approach. Based on this approach we have successfuly allocated the best employees since 2008 and ensured them the best working conditions. We offer job vacancies all over the Czech Republic.

There is no bad candidate for us; we offer vacancies for all candidates without exception. Our wide range of offers means we can provide a range of positions.

Our many years of experience and stable position mean we can expand to the Western market, leading to increased diversity of job positions and a huge amount of new working fields. We operate in every field of light and heavy industry including automotive and electrical industries and transportation services.

We treat all our employees equally. This means equal treatment of agency workers and core employees. 

Comparable conditions between agency and core workers are paramount in an honest ‘clean’ agency such as us.

As an agency worker, you will receive the same wage valuation, bonuses, premiums or rewards as our core employees - along with extra pay for overtime, weekends, holidays or shift work. The same goes for length and layout of working hours, breaks and holidays. You can also receive the same benefits as core employees, such as lunch tickets, transport contribution, sick leave and so on.

This is who we are: your personnel agency Ascari.

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