Introductory of the director

Our director

Everyday we face challenges that make our company grow and strengthen our values. We strive to achieve our goals and our words are underpinned by our actions, which confirms the true nature of our values.

Our employees are testament to this; the proof you can rely on. Our people are proof that our hard work and dedication pays off. We appreciate our employees' trust in us - we welcome them to share their ideas for a better future and we are always quick to provide a solution to any problems they may have.

We provide employment throughout the whole of the Czech Republic. We strive to ensure quality jobs for employees and quality employees for employers, always making a great effort to ensure that supply meets demand at the right time and in the right place. Our business is built on a Win-Win strategy: the best employees belong to the best employers. Come and convince yourself. 

We look forward to seeing you!

For team Ascari  
Ing. Vladimír Schee, Chief Executive Officer Ascari s.r.o.