References - Employees

Ascari helped me in a time of mass redundancies. They put me immediately into new employment and gave me better working conditions than I had in previous employment.
Jiřina H.

After my graduation I really needed some practical experience. My friend recommended your agency, so I got a job and gained some experience. After that they put me into core employment and I was treated just as well as a full-time employee as I was as an intern. I would recommend your agency to anyone in the same situation as me.
František K.

I'm glad I found an agency like Ascari. I had always been sceptical about work agencies, but Ascari changed my mind. There is a really open environment where I feel comfortable discussing work conditions with my managers - what I'm happy with and what I'd like to change. I also really appreciate the consultancy service that Ascari provides.
Hana V.

When I moved into a new city I was desperate for a new job. Thanks to Ascari I could stay in the same line of work as before, even with similar working hours, which I am really grateful for.

Marcus P.